About Mothers For Change

We are an organization built by Mothers for Mothers. We are here to connect you with effective resources, knowledge, and relationships.

"As two single Mothers raising 12 year old young men, we noticed a lack of resources available to assist single mothers in our Howard County, Maryland Community.  

Throughout our individual struggles, we've grown and overcome many hardships.  Within our experiences, we are able to empathize with other Single Mothers, and desire to be a voice and resource around the world. "

Christina Fatemi (Founder) and Leilani Mulholland (Co-Founder)

Abby lives in Los Angeles with her two children and is dedicated to mentoring up-and-coming artists, entrepreneurs, and mothers.

Abby Berman (MFC Los Angeles Director)
Executive Director at AdoptTheArts.org

Casey O'Rear Rapp
Nashville Director